Tuesday, 4 October 2011


I just saw a Sharon Stone movie called Scissors. I love Sharon and it's its cool(ish) movie and all - basically a possibly schizophrenic Stone is caught between a rock (her hunky neighbour and his pervy twin), a hard place (her pervy, maybe, shrink), and a really hard place (repressed childhood memories of a pervy man with a thing for ginger chin-beards, glove puppets and er, little girls), but design-wise there's not much going on. 
Initially the most interesting thing appears to be the production company's cryptic-yet-denotes-power Gold Pyramid & Tiger(?) logo:
The logo actually hints at the design later to come, when Stone is lured to a mysteriously abandoned apartment:
The apartment is decked out in a Post-Modern style, but is a lot more muted than the brighter tones seen earlier in the 80s. The terracotta/gold/peach, white & blue colours, alongside quirky features like tables moulded to resemble material-covered Roman columns, lend a slight Mediterranean feel (they also had Wi-Fi in 1990... who knew!)

Stuck for days, she attempts to escape but the gold Egyptian-style doors are locked...
...all the Post-Modern furniture is bolted down...
...and the Deco-style phone is dead!
Nothing in the Deco-style bathroom either:
 ...and when the weird lighting system kicks in...
...the Modernist Mobile/Sculpture is no help.
 It all freaks her out and she crashes out on the 1930s Constructivist floor.
 Then a load of shit goes down involving the ginger chin-beard dude, a talking raven and Stone doing an 'is she/isn't she insane' routine. Check the picture below and maybe you can decide, either way I think the door's cool.

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