Sunday, 24 July 2011

Miami Vice Decor.

So, it was only a matter of time before I broached my love of the 1980s cop series. Set in Art Deco heaven (aka Miami), director Michael Mann had a stylistic vision that was ruthlessly pursued on the show. My least favourite colours in the world are 1) BROWN and 2) ORANGE, and during this period Mann officially banned these and any other 'earth tones' from ever appearing anywhere on screen. Instead a 'Pastel Noir' aesthetic was upheld at all times, resulting in totally iconic settings like the home of an evil video artist in this 1987 episode 'Death and The Lady'.

Mann's signature logo here totally evokes 1950s Atomic Age style (another of my favourite design eras), but with the neon factor slightly raised. The villain's apartment, with it's Salmon Pink Deco-inspired chair & chaise (possibly by Memphis Design) and abstract rug, is seen here from above in both day & night shots and from afar with various neon lights highlighting separate areas.

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